Sage Generation's Home share program supports seniors who want to stay in their homes by partnering them with potential housemate in an arrangement of their choice, from straight rent to service exchange or a combination of the two. Our program is based on the best practice models of HomeShare Vermont and ALA in Southern California. 

Home sharing is NOT having a live-in nurse. It is having another person in the home who might provide any of the following:


  -Someone being there just in case

  -Sharing space and an occasional meal

  -Running errands or doing grocery shopping

  -Taking on heavier household and yard chores

  -Driving to doctor appointments or meetings

  -Help with pets

 Sage Generation provides coordination and ongoing support for home share participants. This includes:

  -Screening homeowners and renters

  -A thorough "matching" process

  -Two-week trial living

  -Ongoing contact, and active support and coordination to ensure success of matches and to address changes as needed

Home share participants pay a small fee that covers the service of screening, facilitating matches and subsequent support. In keeping with our mission and our focus on seniors, at least one member in the home share match must be 60 or older. Download more details, a Homesharer or Homeseeker application to get started now!

Home Share Program