advanced care planning project

Our Advanced care Planning (ACP) Project is all about engaging in conversations and documenting our wishes for end of life care. While most people have an understanding of how they want to live their life and how they want to die, less than 30% have actually put their wishes into writing or communicated with loved ones about what they want.

Sage Generation's ACP Project provides workshops, resources and conversation sites to help people talk about and document the care they do and don't want for their end of life. We are a proud partner of The Conversation Project and are funded by the Colorado Health Foundation. Contact us to schedule a workshop or receive additional information. In the meantime, if you want to get started on your own, we recommend these resources:

STEP 1 - Start the conversation using The Conversation Project Starter Kit
- Short version
- Long version

STEP 2 - Document your wishes using the form that works best for you
- MOST Form 
- Colorado Advanced Directive Document booklet 
     - Medical Power of Attorney
     - Living Will
     - CPR Directive

STEP 3 - Share your documentation
- Keep the original for yourself
- Make photocopies for loved ones and your doctor
- Request your forms be included in your electronic medical records


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